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Present Mississippi

by The Mississippi Presenters Network

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The MSPN operates in a non-competitive, cooperative spirit, and is dedicated to bringing artists and presenters together across the state of Mississippi. The network created through Present Mississippi is designed to help increase economic opportunity, diversity, professional development opportunities, and cooperation amongst art organizations in the state.

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Photograph of the Delta Hot Tamale Festival provided by the Greenville Arts Council

Serving Mississippi for

10 years

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The Mississippi Presenters Network has been serving the state of Mississippi for ten wonderful years with a mission to educate the arts community through professional development opportunities. To start out this new decade of service, our main focus will be to build a community of artists across the state and to inspire a culture of inclusion and collaboration. Mississippi Presenters Network is excited to announce their new initiative: Present Mississippi. Present Mississippi will focus on connecting artists and arts presenters statewide through artists exchanges. This will foster new relationships and in turn create a more collaborative and enriched arts network in the state of Mississippi.

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Our Team

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